Not me of course, but my favourite protagonist Ms Bridget Jones, created by Helen Fielding.

A couple of years ago, my husband came home and announced that we had sold our business. Whilst this was great news, we now faced the prospect of an early retirement. I was 42. There is no better motivation for change than the prospect of husband and wife facing each other, over coffee each morning, with little to talk about. I imagined conversations like:

Me: ‘What have you got planned today?’

Him: ‘Nothing.’

Me: Over lunch, ‘How’s the sandwich?’

Him: ‘Good.’

Me: At dinner, ‘How was your day?’

Him: ‘Okay.’

I had to do something. I was online in a flash; a creative writing course! Sure that sounds good, I could construct an email, write a letter and birthday messages were my specialty. I made the call to the local university (geography is important), and within a week I was sitting in my first writing and editing class. I had to sort my adverbs from my adjectives, and my subject had to agree with my verb. I had to write stories, plays and poems. I learnt that show, don’t just tell is not just a childhood game. And then, God forbid, I had to write a blog.

So here it is: my little blog about life beyond my picket fence. It’s not perfect (my life, writing, or grammar), but I openly share stories of love, life, loss and laughter. I hope to elicit a smile along the way. This blog started at school but the stories have taken me outside the classroom, into a space where I can connect with many wonderful readers and writers. Thanks for reading, and also for sharing, your wonderful stories. And please let me know if my subject disagrees with my verb!

 Beyond the Picket Fence x


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