Universe Shouting Have you ever felt as if the Universe has listened to your inner-most wishes and desires and responded?

A few months ago a friend told me about a free, twenty-one day meditation; Energy of Attraction: Manifesting Your Best Life, a collaboration between Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. The essence of the meditations is that you can attract negative or positive forces in your life. I cannot disagree with such a sentiment. On a personal level I took it mean that if I stopped and listened, others would listen in return. And it seems that they did.

I enjoyed twenty minutes of quiet “me time” each day and another upside (?) of Winfrey and Chopra’s meditation was that Chopra’s voice is so calming and the music is incredible relaxing that I would quickly fall into a dream-like, trance state. My mind would wander and moments later I would be drooling into my pillow. So, as I slept through most of them, I have now signed up for the next free program, ‘Manifesting true success’. (At the very least I know that I will now have twenty-one days of incredible sleep.)

So why am I telling you this? Well soon after the last meditations I wrote a post about my mother and her depression. It was a very personal post and it has taken years for me to be able to write about it. This week the post was re-blogged by Aopinionated Man at Harsh Reality. I had an incredible response and was moved by the response and comments. It is a rewarding experience to know that what you have written has resonated with your audience (no matter how small or large!).

Now I must add that I have an update to that post. In an unbelievable turn of events (on the same day the post was re-blogged) my mother’s ex-husband contacted her (thirteen years later!). He said that he has realised how painful the experience of their break-up must have been for her and that he is presently experiencing something similar himself.

An incredible co-incidence, but the absolute best thing is that my mother responded to him with a simple, ‘I am sorry to hear that, but please don’t contact me again…’

I asked and the Universe responded!