In a few days it will be Valentines day, our twenty-second together. I wanted to share my first post with you and let you know that today my home is full and brimming with our belongings, my fantasy home mentioned below has been well and truly dismantled (for the moment!). This is the natural course of a relationship. There are no secrets to happiness and a successful marriage, all I can suggest is to enjoy the good times when they arrive. Laugh, live and love…

Beyond the picket fence


It is Sunday afternoon and I sit alone in my car outside the supermarket. I can’t stand to be at home. My husband’s negative energy smothers me and the weight is too much to bear, I am left feeling breathless and defeated.

Only the previous night we were laughing together, we booked tickets to America for a family holiday next year. We were planning our future, our last few holidays with our teenage children. He placed his arm around me as a comfort as I became upset about how quickly time was passing. This morning he pulled the rug out from under me. A surly greeting from our teenage daughter caused him to explode and set off his usual fireworks at the kitchen table. We ate in silence punctuated by his temper. Tears welled, although I did not allow him the satisfaction of seeing them fall.  After all, passive aggression is my strong point.

I retreated to our bedroom where the tears spilled, tracking their well-forged path to the damp…

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