I have an incredible fifteen-year-old son. I am blessed to have such a caring, sensitive, friendly boy in my life. As he is getting older and becoming a man, I have thought about some of the things that I want for him. Of course this list could go on for pages, but a teenager’s attention span is only so long!

  1. Don’t hide your emotions. Men can cry, laugh, love, feel sad and physically express their feelings.
  2. Choose your friendship group wisely. Some kids are not really caring friends, rather they need company in their errant ways. A true friend will never lead you astray.
  3. Don’t squeeze your pimples. They will pass in time, but if you pick and prod the evidence will remain for life.
  4. Respect your sister. You may think her sole purpose is to annoy you, but she is there to teach you about sharing and how the young female mind works (most of which you will never understand!).
  5. Do your homework and work hard at school. These are the best years of your life (you’ll hear this a million times!) To get the most our of school you have to be proactive in your learning.
  6. Play team sports. Health and fitness are essential, but there is nothing as rewarding as being a contributing member of a team.
  7. Get off the Internet occasionally. Yes there is life outside the computer screen, participate in it!
  8. Ask questions and engage. Perhaps you will find an answer more relevant than the one you find on Wikipedia.
  9. Get off the consumer wagon. You don’t always need the latest iPhone/Nikes/skateboard. 
  10. Love yourself. You’re great! 
  11. And finally, don’t send naked images of yourself on social media!